The Nevolko family, where little Angelina is also being raised, adopted two more children


Participants or our project, and just simple people with huge hearts brought home two more kids. Four biological children, six adopted, including blind Angelina, and they are not stopping.

The lucky children are brother and sister: Diana-Irina (12 yrs. old) and Ruslan (10 yrs. old.)

(Shown on the photo)

They spent 8 years in an orphanage; only a month ago Nevolko Igor and Bogdana met them. During the car rally in the Khmelnitsky region, Igor announced their intentions to expand the family.

The first encounter went very quietly. When the family came to the orphanage, the children were shy to talk, but when the family left, they told the workers at the orphanage that they liked the family.

During the weekend Igor and Bogdana took the kids home, spent some time there, went to church, and took a walk with the family. Angelina gave them a tour of the house. Diana-Irina and Ruslan, noticing that she is blind, asked, "she was an orphan too?”.

When they had to return to the orphanage, everyone cried, no one wanted to leave or let them go.

Finally, on their first night home, Angelina prayed and thanked God that two more kids joined their family.

The Nevolko children welcomed the “newcomers” with open hearts and arms and surrounded them with love.